DP01 by Laura Pilar Delgado


by Laura Pilar Delgado
RE Prints #06

The URBAN AND DOMESTIC PATTERNS series intends to give visibility to part our daily environment, which usually goes unnoticed, by reproducing different life-sized geometric patterns that are present in pavements, vertical walls and other types of surface such as metal mesh screens and panels.

La serie URBAN AND DOMESTIC PATTERNS (Patrones urbanos y domésticos) quiere visibilizar una parte de nuestro entorno cotidiano, que por lo general pasa desapercibido, a través de la reproducción a escala real de diferentes patrones geométricos que están presentes en pavimentos, paramentos verticales y otras estructuras modulares.

ARTIST: Laura Pilar Delgado
SIZE: 400 x 284 mm
PAPER: Munken Lynx 240 gsm
PRINTING: 2-inks (grey, black) Risograph

PRINT RUN: 35 copies (hand numbered and signed)
YEAR: 2019